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Privacy Policy

On Our website, there is an analytics code which collects the IP address an location of the visitor. This helps us to find the engagement of users on our website, the number of visits per month and average time spend on this website post and some similar information. this information is collected for our betterment and for our status. In general, we are collecting this without telling the visitor.

If some user subscribes our email channel and phone no then it will be private from our end. We are very authenticated about users personal data.

We are committed to users personal information. To give some better service to the user we can ask to share some certain information. The user should also aware of the personal information.

Our information collection is based on our own business purpose not for sharing this with the other third party.

Therefore, we will not share your information with unrelated parties, except for:
(1) if necessary, to provide the product or service you requested;
(2) as permitted by law; Or
(3) as otherwise indicated in this document.

So this information can be used for our internal purposes or quality control or research and development analysis purpose.

We accept that you have the right to know how we will use the personal information provided by you. The Jobs Wifi is committed to not disclose any information that you share with third parties.